Various - 089 ep vol.3 - Linn Records - Fernando Sor Early Works

01 – Frankie Serious – Cells EP (The-Zone Rec 022)
02 – Aux88 – Mad Scientist   EP (Puzzlebox 021)
03 – Alejandro Trebor – Quemadura Del Sol EP (Hidden Recordings 015)
04 – Francesco Pierguidi – Thoughts And Shapes EP (Cannibald Rec 023)
05 – Grindvik – . 15 Years of Drumcode EP (DCCD06)
06 – Truncate & Raiz – Degrees Of Motion EP (Droid Rec 013)
07 – Tim Deluxe – Transformation EP (Get Human Rec)
08 – Virgil Enzinger – No Horizon EP ( 010)
09 – Hugo Paixao – Maniac EP (Skyline Type Groove 026)
10 – Perc – Wicker & Steel Remixes EP [TommyFourSeven Rmx] (Perc Trax 050)

Description: A woman late for her rent tries to tease her way out of it but the landlord doesn’t fall for it and instead tries to take her laptop but it breaks when they fight over it and one loses control, wrecking it against a wall. The landlord tries to leave as the tenant freaks out but is shoved violently against the door by the tenant, forcing him to momentarily lose control and hit her across the face. Instinct takes over and he rips her pants down and fucks her from behind briefly before she awakens and tries to fight him off; only to be flipped over and violently hand strangled to death by her landlord. His brain rocketing beyond control, he exposes her sexual areas then begins to fuck her in several positions until being inside her tight pussy is overwhelming and forces him to jack off all over her belly and pubic hairs. Finally he gathers himself…the girl is dead and he stumbles out of the room and into the hallway after gathering his clothing in his hands, unaware he may have been spotted by other tenants.

Various - 089 EP Vol.3Various - 089 EP Vol.3