Annette / t-coy - dream 17 / i ain't nightclubbing - [1988] Annette - Dream Slumber [3/3] (Remix - T-Coy) - YouTube

A poppy but prophetic final single, Bad Blood, went unreleased, and by the end of 1986 Quando Quango were no more. Pickering focused on his deejay career at The Haçienda, notably Nude Night from 1984 onwards, which featured early Chicago House music after 1986, at which Topping also contributed occasional half hour sets, playing mainly salsa and merengue. After leaving Ratio in 1983 Topping had studied Latin percussion at Johnny Colon's East Harlem Music School in New York, then issued a Latin-esque solo EP titled Prospect Park on Factory Benelux. 'We were quite maverick about everything we did,' recalls Pickering. 'Me and Simon thought, let's just make dance tracks. It's fantastic - you live and die by the track you've made, you're anonymous, you're only as good as your last record. And it seemed to us like a very exciting way to do things.'

Annette / T-Coy - Dream 17 / I Ain't NightclubbingAnnette / T-Coy - Dream 17 / I Ain't Nightclubbing